Oulu, Finland

At the beginning of May, Zed was transferred to Oulu, Finland, where he’s serving with Elder Hansen from Clearfield, Utah. We talked to him via Skype on Mother’s Day and it was great! I usually dislike Skyping with groups of people, but it turned out to be very pleasant and everyone behaved well. Maybe that’s because it was at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning and I had to wake everyone up, so they were still kind of asleep? Anyway, it was so fun to talk to Zed and ask questions and get answers immediately! We’re pretty lucky to be able to have video chats like that, and for free! We have reached the Jetsons reality! At least in some ways.

Oulu is not the most northern city in the Finland mission, but it’s close. During the summer solstice, on June 20, 21, and 22, the sun will be below the horizon for only 1 hour 58 minutes each night, setting at about 12:21 am and rising at 2:19 am. I’m sort of gleefully following the sunrise/sunset times in the cities where Zed is serving, living vicariously through him, I guess. Following mission rules means he’s supposed to sleep through that, but I’m hoping he’ll stay up one night and get some photos of the midnight sun. Just one night!


Zed in bike helmet on pretty country road.


Zed: “Weird statue in the park.”


Elder Hansen and Zed, looking dignified as usual.


Zed took this to verify with me and Jon that we have books with this character in them. Yes, Richard Scarry is everywhere.


Kajaani, where he did splits once.


Zed’s new bike.


Zed was very proud to get these ties for ā‚¬2 each.


He thought Jon would enjoy this sign for Leningrad Street (in Finnish and Swedish).


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