Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Yep, it’s been more than two months since I posted news or pictures from Zed. Better late than never, I guess.

He’s still serving in Turku but is now with a different companion, Elder Strandberg, who is Swedish. He continues to sound upbeat and happy. Pictures below. The only picture of him is at the very bottom and we got it yesterday. It’s great to see him, even if only in a photo!


A castle they went to on P-day. I can’t find in any email where he said what castle.


Medieval sheet music. Possibly a replica, Zed says.


Elder Hyer wearing real armor.


Courtyard of the castle.


Courtyard of the castle.


They saw the Northern Lights! Zed says this photo doesn’t capture them well, but there’s a suggestion of them. It’s uncommon to see the Northern Lights as far south as they are.


Funny sticker on a door they saw. Presumably it means No Soliciting? Especially by people in tall hats.


Zed knitted a tie for himself while his companion was sick one day. I’m so proud!


The Judgment Church (Tuomiokirkko). He’s sent pictures of the inside of this church before.


Sunset in Turku.


Flowers! Evidence of Spring!


The most recent picture: Zed on a nice day, though it may not look like a nice day. He looks good!


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