Tuesday, 6 January 2014

News from Zed, aka Vanhin Jensen:

Vanhin Jensen arrived safely in Helsinki, Finland, and after spending one night there at the mission home, he was sent off to the city of Turku on the west coast of Finland with his new companion and trainer, Vanhin Johnson from Oregon. He says he’s just understanding bits and pieces of everyone’s Finnish and he has given a couple of short lessons in Finnish. It sounds like he’s hearing a fair amount of English, too, since most Finns speak it pretty flawlessly. He’s met a few investigators and members and had this to say about his first contacting experience: “HOOO is it scary to try and speak Finnish about the Gospel to someone on a bus, but it was kinda fun, haha.”

Below are a few pictures he sent. The mission home address (where all physical mail should be sent) and his email address are at the very bottom, if you want to write to him! He sounds happy and engaged in his work.


Sunset from Zed’s apartment


“Extremely neat” bus card, according to Zed


Vanhin Johnson and Vanhin Jensen


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