Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Zed’s p-day last week was changed to Wednesday because of Christmas. Here is most of his letter from that day:

Hey all!!

New things this week: GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS. SO STOKED. WE LEAVE MONDAY THE 29TH. CANNOT WAIT. haha. really though, can’t wait, at all. We’ll be getting there at 4 PM Finland time the next day, the 30th. The jet lag will probably be really terrible, but that’s okay – a missionary schedule is probably the best thing for jet lag, haha.

Gave a talk (in Finnish!) in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday – not exactly too stressful because the topic was Christmas and there were only about 10 people there who could understand me, haha. It went well. …

Got several packages this week – thanks to everyone who sent something! I really loved getting Christmas cards from Gram and Grandad and also from the Roberts – and also thanks to the Roberts for sending me puzzles and a wrapped present that I have yet to open. 🙂

What else – we had a good devotional by the presiding bishop yesterday, during which he pulled out a real sword. Yes, in the middle of the devotional. He was talking about the armor of the Lord, etc. and then he pulled out a sword!!! So that was pretty awesome haha. 

Tomorrow’s devotional should be good – pretty sure it’ll be an Apostle since it’s Christmas, so I’m pretty excited. I’m singing in the choir and we’re singing a really really cool arrangement of Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer, which is actually pretty challenging, and I’m singing tenor, so I get to sing an F# at one point. 🙂 Having a ton of fun in that regard!!

Not much else to report at this point – next time I email i’ll be SUOMESSA OLEN NIIN PALJON INNOSTUNUT JA EN VOI ODOTTAA AGHGHGHGHGHGH sorry haha the Finnish just came right out… can’t wait!

Rakastan teitä niin paljon! Hyvää Joulua!!!

Elder Jensen


Here’s a pic of my class and our wonderful teacher Jordan Foster, who just got back from Finland in August. Our last class period with her was Monday!


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