Thursday, 18 December 2014

Today’s letter from Zed, with my notes after the letter:


How’s the week been? Mine has been quite awesome (ihan mahtava). We Skyped again yesterday, which was really cool – This week’s member was named Tanya (spelled Tanja in Finnish) and she is the same age as the other one was, and they’re best friends, which is cool. It was a fun lesson! I think I’m actually going to be able to understand Finns pretty well once I get there, which is apparently not the usual perception of missionaries coming out of the MTC and going to Finland. Who knows, though, haha. We’ll see!!

Speaking of Finland, we have plane tickets!!!!! We don’t actually have our itineraries yet, but we went into the Travel Office this morning and asked about them and they had them and were getting ready to send them to us!!! So, we should be getting them tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll try and send a copy or something when we get them.

Thanks for sending me the little letter from John and Vivienne! Of course I remember going there, that was an awesome time 🙂 I’m going to send another short letter Betty’s* way this week, hopefully today or tomorrow, I’ll be sure to mention that. 🙂

I can’t believe Cameron** is home!!! It seems so recent that he left, but thinking back it really has been two years! Crazy how time flies by… Speaking of which, it’s now been 7 weeks! I can’t believe it!

No snow, still – what’s up with this December? I can’t believe how warm it is!! I’ve been checking the weather in Finland every so often (it actually tells us on the Missionary Portal thingy, which we use all the time) and it’s not even that much colder in Finland, but with the humidity I bet it feels a lot worse. I do wonder about the snow though!

Thanks for the stuff*** from Amazon! I didn’t get the DearElder until after I got them, so I did open them, but that’s okay because I checked sizes and everything fits well. :)) I’ll probably reopen them on Christmas as well. I’m excited!

As you all saw from the picture****, I got to sing with the Men’s Chorus on Sunday!!!! IT was AWESOME. Their performance was superb – they performed both of those awesome crowd-pleasers (Baba Yetu and Kia Hora) from last year, and I still have both of them memorized! Anyway, before the last two songs, Sister Hall invited any Men’s Chorus alumni to come up for the last song, which is the same every year, and I was the only one! It was kinda odd to be the only person walking up to the front as a thousand missionaries cheer, haha, but it was awesome. I got to sit right in front of them as they performed a really cool version of the First Noel and then I got to join them for the last song, which is called something like Who Is This Child In Yonder Stall. Not 100% sure about that name, haha, but it’s something along those lines. I remembered the whole thing by some miracle and it was really awesome and spiritual. Afterwards I got to say hi and chat with Sister Hall, Josiah (who I sat next to for a semester, he’s awesome), Spencer (who posted the picture and with whom I spoke some Finnish!!), and a couple of other friends from last year. It was really really fun and I’m really glad I had that opportunity.

Ummm – I don’t think I have anything else this week! I love you all; Have a great Christmas!!!!


Elder Jensen

My notes:

*Betty is a good friend in our ward who left England after World War II to marry her American sweetheart and who has been here in the mountains of Idaho ever since. She orchestrated our introduction to her brother John and his wife Vivienne when we lived in northern England in the summer of 2013.

**Cameron was in choir and cross country with Zed and Jacob and he just returned from a mission to Brazil.

***A hat and a sweater! Woohoo!

****Zed with Spencer, a member of the BYU Men’s Chorus who went to Finland on his mission, this last Sunday when the choir visited and sang at the MTC.


Finally, below find Zed’s one picture that he sent this week. Here’s the story about his camera: his Grandpa Bill (Jon’s dad) gave him a decent digital camera to take with him, which was pretty great for Zed. It seems that it fell off a desk or something and the screen on the back shattered and doesn’t work at all now. So the camera takes pictures but he’s never sure if it’s focusing properly and he can’t view and delete photos on the phone. I told him a nice story about the old days of cameras, when we had actual film and had to look through the viewfinder and, with point-and-shoot cameras, had no idea if the pictures were going to be in focus or not. And then we paid to have all them printed! Then we walked home 20 miles uphill in the snow, carried water from the well, wrote letters by hand, and trekked out back to use the outhouse before climbing the stairs with candle in hand to sleep on our straw beds.


Running out of things to take pictures of and I don’t really carry my camera anymore so I have to use Elder Smith’s. However, here’s a picture of my future emo Lego band, haha.


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