Thursday, 11 December 2014

Zed’s letter was pretty sparse last week, which didn’t motivate me to post it in a timely fashion. But here it is, along with a couple of pictures.


Not much special to report this week, but I’ll try and think of some good stuff. Sorry it won’t be as long as last week’s was.

Ummmmm – cut my mile time to 6:10, which is pretty cool.

Tuesday devo was good – Lexie Walker sang. Don’t know if y’all know who she is, but she’s a (apparently very famous) 12-year-old singer and she was good. I wasn’t a huge fan of the arrangements, looking back, but it was way cool in person. The speaker, Elder Zwick of the Seventy, was really good too.

Yesterday we Skyped a member in Finland and taught her over Skype! That was way cool. She was in her 20s and spoke very good English, but we managed to keep it to Finnish except for a couple of sentences. It was really cool, though.

I really love my new yo-yo. I’m getting pretty decent with it! Now all I need is my ocarina… 😉

Not much else to report – it was a fairly boring week. We’re all ready to leave already haha, two and a half weeks can’t go fast enough!!


Elder Jensen


Zed: Finn “family pictures” today, minus Vanhimmat Hyer and Runyan, who didn’t want to go, haha.


Erin: My favorite is the sister on the left.


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