Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hey all!

This week was great! At the end of Thanksgiving Day, we all got to watch Meet the Mormons, which apparently was the end result of quite the battle to get it into the MTC. Not sure why, seeing as the Church made it, but anyway it was just as good the second time and it was really fun to watch it 🙂 We saw it again on Sunday, and it’ll be playing every Sunday night probably for a long while. 

Thanks for the awesome package! I appreciate the Dr. Bronner’s a lot, I’ve been using it as shaving soap and it actually works really well for that purpose 🙂 Everything else is great – I think I might want a size bigger (so a medium instead of a small) on the white shirt though – it’s just a tiny bit too small and so if I get any bigger it won’t fit at all haha.

I’m not sure what it’s been like in Idaho, but it’s been SO NICE for the last week or so here in Provo – like it feels like May or something instead of December. Today after we got out of gym it was sunny and warm and SO AWESOME. Can’t believe it’s December haha.

We had a really good devotional on Tuesday – I believe it was Elder David Evans of the Seventy, but I could be wrong about that first name. Anyway, it was about the real meaning of Christmas – yes, it seems early, but it was really good. I would advise that everyone go watch the new Share the Gift video on – it’s really great. Afterwards we had an extremely spiritual meeting with the two Finnish districts and one of our branch presidency counselors, Brother Garr, and his wife Sister Garr. That was great!

This week Finnish study has been really fun – I’m really really enjoying learning the grammar especially. I know how to say TONS of stuff now – the biggest barrier at the moment is vocab, really. I love Finnish a lot 🙂

We had a really great lesson with one of our “investigators” yesterday – he’s really Veli Christiansen, which basically means that’s he’s a really hard investigator. Veli C. has been teaching here for 4 years – he actually taught our other teacher, and he’s REALLY good. Easily the best teacher I’ve ever had! Anyway, the investigator’s name is Matti and we’ve just had a really difficult time keeping him interested/awake/asking questions. However, yesterday instead of just teaching a lesson we went into the classroom early (we were pretending to have the lesson at the church) and wrote a two-column table with the column headings Problems and How the Atonement Can Help. Then we took turns with him thinking of things to write down – we did other stuff too, but that helped a lot and it was a really wonderful lesson. Next time we’re going to teach him about baptism and ask for a date – he sounded like he might actually be interested in getting baptized, so we’re stoked about that!

Also yesterday, our district got to be hosts! Basically, that’s the more experienced missionary who comes to the curb and shoos families away and then takes the new extremely frazzled missionary and guides him through 1) checkin, 2) picking up class materials, 3) bringing luggage to their residence and 4) taking them to their classrooms to meet their companions and teachers. My host when I got here was really great – he talked to me a lot so I wouldn’t have to worry about thinking of conversation topics and stuff and he was really positive and friendly. Anyway, I took that as inspiration and tried my hardest to be a great host to new missionaries – and it was way fun!!!! 

So, yeah – all in all, hosting was great and I’m definitely going to volunteer to do it again.

Ummmmmmm I can’t really think of anything else right now – I really really appreciate all the packages and letters and love from home! Keep sending things (not candy though [except for really nice chocolate, that’s a huge yes], we have SO MUCH candy and sugar that we’re all gonna die, I swear – I believe Elder Hyer got like 4 pounds of homemade fudge from his mom)! I love you all!


Elder Jensen

Captions for the photos by Zed:


Elders Smith, Kingsolver, and Medveczky looking classy on the temple walk


My fancy tabbed Finnish Bible, I did it myself cuz it’s impossible to find anything otherwise


Elders Smith and Kingsolver being fools, in a good way


Me and Elder Smith in our super-cute hairnets after the service project on Thanksgiving


Really beautiful sunset sky


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