Thursday, 27 November 2014

Yep, I’m a week later posting Zed’s letter from Thanksgiving day! His letter was short, and though he promised us a follow-up, he didn’t actually follow up much. But here they are for your enjoyment! A couple of pictures at the bottom.

Hey all!


Tuesday devotional was Elder Dallin H. Oaks! It was really cool to see an Apostle speak here at the MTC. Today we have a special devotional for Thanksgiving and the speaker (nobody knows who it is yet) is being really hyped up – I’m guessing that it’s Elder Holland or Elder Bednar. Anyway, I’ll be letting you know in a short follow-up letter later today, the devotional is at 9:30 so I’ll have time after for writing.

Because Elder Smith and I are zone leaders, we get to be in charge of a table each at the humanitarian project we’re doing – basically, we’re bagging soup mixes. Apparently the MTC as a whole will bag 350,000 meals today, so that’s awesome! anyway, it’ll be fun – we get to run our own mini assembly line, supervising 12 people each – i’m stoked. Plus, we get to wear hairnets 😛

Finnish is going well – here’s how to say “My birthday is the twenty-fourth of January”:

Minun syntämäpäivä on tammikuun kahdentenakymmenentenaneljäntenä päivänä. It’s quite a mouthful haha. I’m loving it!

Other news… I think that’s about it! I’ll be writing more later, so watch the interwebz!


Elder Jensen

And here’s the follow-up, with the subject line “random”:

Here’s a story I keep forgetting to tell:

I was totally in Men’s Chorus with Elder Medveczky’s older brother! I remember hearing his name (Levente) in Men’s Chorus and wondering where he was from, but last week I was introduced to him and Elder Medveczky said his name and that he was in Men’s Chorus and I was like WHAAAAAT so that’s a fun coincidence haha.


Elder Jensen


Zed says: From the temple walk on Sunday


Also from Zed: Elder Hyer in the front and his comp Elder Runyan in the background. This picture like perfectly describes their companionship, it’s the funniest thing ever!


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