Thursday, 13 November 2014

So I think I wrote last week that missionaries don’t leave the MTC. It turns out I was wrong about that, as you will see in Zed’s letter below. And don’t miss the photos at the bottom of the post!

Hey everyonee!!!! how’s it going?

First things first: officially have now been in the MTC longer than English-speaking missionaries go for. So that’s fun haha.

Yesterday we (all the Finnish speaking elders) got to go to LA for the day to the Finnish Consulate to further our visa applications! We left the MTC at 3:30 in the morning, flew out of SLC at 7:00, and got to LA at like 7:30 PT or something. We went straight to the consulate, got there at about 8:45 (it was kind of a long drive in the traffic haha), and we were done with our appointment (which was at 9:00) but like 9:25. after that we had our driver, a nice Mexican guy named Adolf, drive us to In-n-Out, but it was closed, so we walked around near UCLA for a bit and then had him drive us to Panda Express. after we ate, we went to Santa Monica and walked around and talked to homeless people for a while, then we headed back to the airport.

Two crazy stories about the airport! the first: we had both our flights on the itineraries that the Travel Office gave us, but when we tried to check in, they couldn’t see any of us having tickets for the plane. After 30 minutes of stress, we found out that the Travel Office had somehow forgotten to buy us two-way tickets, so they fixed that haha and we got on our originally planned plane with no problems. We got the airport really early so all was well. The other story is this: a week ago or so my roommates were talking about these cool belts two of them had – the brand name is missionary belt or something and they’re designed to last you your whole mission. they work kind of like a ratchet — see if you can google them or something, but anyways they’re nice because they don’t bend the leather like normal belt buckles do. Anyway, I ended up buying one because I didn’t really want to ruin my nice belt, and it’s already showing some signs of wear. So, fast forward to yesterday: we’re waiting in the airport, and some guy with a beard says “hey elders!” We stopped to talk to him, of course, and WHO SHOULD IT BE BUT THE GUY WHO INVENTED OUR FREAKIN BELTS!!!! He’s like “hey, I see a couple of you are wearing my belts! nice!” and we were all like “WHAT? WAIT! WHAT?” and yeah! he’s the guy who went on some show called shark tank or something and got tons of money for these belts and now they sell them all over the place – i bought mine in the MTC store and he said that was a really hard deal to make, which isn’t surprising. so that was a crazy encounter. he went on his mission to chile too, so he had some advice for us which was: don’t come home early, no matter what – not worth it. so yeah haha. it was crazy.

What else…

today was good. Played a ton of volleyball, which was great – i’m starting to actually be kinda decent at it. it’s a lot of fun. My roommate Elder Runyan starting teaching some of us (me included) how to do yo-yo tricks – watch out for my wallet after I get back, it’s a ton of fun but the yo-yos cost like $100 for nice ones like he has. 😛

I loved my package from y’all! i’m saving the chocolate for over my whole MTC stay and it is deliciousssss mannn. The nail clippers and shoe shining kit have both already proven extremely useful as well, so thanks :)))

i’m gonna write short letters on paper to all the kiddies who wrote me in the package, and probably to Mom and Dad as well, so expect that this week or early next week.

Alright, I probably should go – I love you all! Write me often, I love love love getting letters!


Elder Jensen


In LA to go to the Finnish Consulate.


In the airport with the guy who invented the Mission Belt!


3 thoughts on “Thursday, 13 November 2014

  1. I’m a bit of a distant cousin, granddaughter of DC Jensen. But anyway, my daughter in laws mother is from Finland and her grandmother still lives there. So it is interesting for us to follow you. I’ll keep track to see if you get near the grandmother who isn’t a member — yet.


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