First Contact

We got an actual letter from Zed today! It’s a very short letter, but it was great to hear from him. He said, in part, “It’s been great so far,” and gave a list of “significant happenings/facts”: his companion’s name is Vanhin Smith (Phin speculated that his companion’s name would be Matt Schwinger, so there’s a good possibility some of us will continue calling all of his companions Vanhin Schwinger); he gave his first lesson in Finnish Friday morning and he said it was rough; he’s district leader of a district with 2 sisters and 3 elders (is he not including himself in this count? I don’t know). And he wrote his testimony in Finnish for us. Also, my brother Ethan and my friend Char were right — his p-day is Thursday!

It’s so good to hear from him! I hope he’s having a great time.


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