Day 4: News!

This is cheater news because my brother Ethan works at the MTC. He served a mission in Croatia and teaches Croatian to Croatia-bound missionaries. On Saturday, he texted me and said he’d seen Zed! He said Zed seemed happy and was learning a lot, and that he can already say the name of the Church in Finnish, which most of his own missionaries can’t do in Croatian by the third day. Zed taught for the first time on Friday and was supposed to teach again Saturday. (A large part of learning to be a missionary is role-playing teaching and contacting situations. Volunteers pretend to be people investigating the church. The volunteers speak the language the missionaries are learning.) The missionaries that Ethan is teaching have their time in the gym every day at the same time as Zed, so they’ve met him, too.

It was great to hear a little news about him. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve missed being in easy contact with Zed through texting, email, Facebook chat, Skype, and phone. Before he left, I thought a lot about how he was going to handle his separation from electronic devices, but I didn’t think much about my end of that.


2 thoughts on “Day 4: News!

  1. I can so relate. It was ME going through withdrawals not being able to text Justin a funny think or a picture or just a quick question. That was weird and really lame! haha


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